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The Objective

I am seeking to acquire a small to medium sized business in California.

Why Me and Redwood Succession

     Redwood Succession is advantageous for a business owner seeking liquidity and the opportunity to step back from management responsibilities. I can complete a transaction in a professional manner and within 60-90 days.

The following table shows how Redwood Succession is different than other options:


Private Equity

Redwood Succession

Search Fund

& Goals

Run one company for the long term (10-30+ years)

Run one company for the short-term (~5 year) focus 

One company within a large portfolio with a short-term (~5 year) focus 

Company is absorbed into a subsidiary or divison of larger entity

Who You'll Work With
& Terms

Me - a motivated entrepreneur and Veteran with flexible terms and direct communication 

An individual backed back by a large group of sophisticated investors 

A large team of investors and lawyers with complex and strict terms 

A large term. Very strict terms, compensation often tied to performance

Your Employees Future

Integral part of succession plan and long term growth

At risk

At risk

At risk

Ownership Transition

Flexible. Freedom to transition in as little as 3 months


Typically requires 2-3 year commitment and financial stake from owner



Creating long-term sustainable growth

Creating short-term returns for investors. Sell in ~5 years 

Financially engineering short-term returns to investors. Sell in ~5 years 

Increase profitability through consolidation and cost-cutting

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